Press Release – Afrigod launches Sport for Climate games

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The ecological and climate crises seriously endanger the entire ecosystem in Nigeria and worldwide. At Afrigod we are focused on integrating strategic communication and hands-down collaborative action to raise awareness, inspire change and build hope throughout Nigerian communities and communities across Africa.

With reference to building a healthy environment and clean climate, Afrigod in collaboration with the largest social network for the climate We Don’t Have Time will be hosting a Sport for Climate football competition scheduled for April, 2020 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Football is seen as the unifying factor that cut across religion, tribe, and social differences in Nigeria and other part of the world. It is also one of the most popular sport in the world which attracts a wide range of local and international audiences as well as capturing the attention of most youth.

This event aims to create a platform to sensitize people, businesses, organizations and government on the ecological and climate crises and the need to take action.

It will also be an opportunity for young, talented individuals to showcase their incredible sport skills, network and create even more opportunities for them while promoting Nigeria’s value.