Afrigod presents the 2020 Sports for Climate football competition games held in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Afrigod Sports for Climate cleanup exercise

Lagos, 1 December 2020 – Afrigod presents the 2020 Sports for Climate football competition games held in Lagos on the 28 November,2020, featuring the following football clubs and organization; Goldenboyz FC, Nameless FC, Divine Raiders FC and Workload NG.

Afrigod is proud to bring the Sports for Climate football games to Lagos, Nigeria. The event organized by Afrigod in collaboration with lead partners ‘We Don’t Have Time’ and The Swedish Association for Resposible Consumption aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To help sports organisations reduce emissions caused by their operations.
  • Leverage the worldwide popularity of sport to engage millions of fans in the effort to join the climate movement and take action.
  • Raise awareness about climate change in communities across the world through sports.
  • Mitigate the negative impact of climate change on sport and local communities.
  • Contribute to achieving a net-zero emissions world by 2050, as agreed by global leaders in December 2015 at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 21) in Paris.
Miguel Peters, founder of Afrigod, giving an opening speech at the Afrigod Sports for Climate games 2020.

The Sport for Climate games 2020 is a football competition between 4 football clubs in Lagos, Nigeria. Each football club has a team of 11 players (including a goalkeeper), which took part in a cleanup exercise, climate discussions and football competition on 28th November, 2020.

Teams: Divine Raiders FC, Goldenboyz FC, Nameless FC, Workload NG.

Match Details:

Phase 1

Nameless FC (5 goals) vs (6 goals) Divine Raiders

Phase 2

Workload NG ( 7 goals) vs (8 goals) Goldenboyz FC

3rd Position

Workload NG (2 goals) vs (1 goal) Namesless FC

1st & 2nd Position

Divine Raiders FC (1 goal) vs (0 goal) Goldenboyz FC

Winners: Divine Raiders FC

Goal Scorers:

Divine Raiders FCJoshua, Bright.

Nameless FC – Sunny, Ekene.

Goldenboyz FC – Chinedu.

Workload NG – Abdulrazaq, Abubakar.

Cleanup exercise at the Afrigod Sports for Climate games.

The highlights of the game can be watched online via the Afrigod Youtube Channel and Instagram account.

Miguel Peters, founder & director, Afrigod said ”the Afrigod Sports for Climate movement has both an opportunity and a duty to actively contribute to the global sustainability vision of a healthy environment and a clean climate and also create opportunitiesfor young sports men and women”.

The Afrigod Sports for Climate games is proudly Sponsored by ‘We Don’t Have Time’ the largest social network for climate actions.

Partners: We Don’t Have Time, The Swedish Association for Responsible Consumption.

For More Information including media interviews of the organizers or guests, please contact; Miguel Peters, director, Afrigod, on Mobile: +2347056480684.