Lagos Climate Conference

In collaboration with Afrigod and “We Don’t Have Time” the largest social network for climate action.

Join us at the #WeDontHaveTime climate conference in Lagos, Nigeria for an international dialogue and exchange of ideas on climate change with experts from the academic, political, economic & social sectors and the rest of the community.

The event, organized by Afrigod in collaboration with lead partners ‘’We Don’t Have Time’ and ‘Medveten Konsumtion (The Swedish Association for Responsible Consumption)’ will be held on December 5th, 2020 at the Digital Bridge Institute, No.1 Nitel Road, Cappa Oshodi Lagos, Nigeria.

The world must clearly lift the threat of the current pandemic, but we cannot lose sight of the even bigger crisis facing our planet and its people. When the global economy restarts, it must do so with a clear and urgent direction towards a low carbon future.
Ingmar Rentzhog
Founder & CEO: We Don't Have Time
One of the biggest risks to African growth is climate change and the most important political debate should be on how to deal with this risk, because it threatens everything. Time for Africa to come together and rise to build a sustainable green economy.
Miguel Peters
Founder & Director: Afrigod
Humanity uses 75% of more resources that the Earth can't handle and we over consume stuff that we don’t really need. It is time for us all to go from a linear economy (take-make-dispose) to a circular economy (reuse, recycle, repair, refurbish, remake and redesign).
Alexandra Davidsson
Secretary General: The Swedish Association for Responsible Consumption

The around 20 presentations, addressing topics ranging from climate finance, food and agriculture to the circular economy and consumption, sports for climate, big ideas and local government, include such leading experts as:-

• Prof. Nick Robins, Professor in Practice – Sustainable Finance, Grantham Institute/London School of Economics.

• Anders Langworth, Group Head Sustainable Finance, Nordea.

• Simon Messenger, Director, 2° Investing Initiative.

• Paul Dickinson, Executive Chair, CDP.

• Alessandra Sollberger, Top Tier Impact .

• Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University.

• Christiana Figueres, Partner at Global Optimism, Former Executive Secretary of UNFCCC responsible for the Paris Agreement.

An array of young entrepreneurs and sustainable business leaders are also taking part including: –

• Jona Christians of electric car company Sono Motors; Ole Kristian Sivertsen of land restoration firm Desert Control; Eva Karlsson of Houdini Sportswear; Jack Bobo of Futurity and Therese Lundstedt of Urbangreen

Campaigners and civil society guests include: –

• Nasreen Al Almin of Surge Africa, Elyse Brady of Cathedral Basilica Laudato Si’ Creation Care Ministry United States; James Collis of Citizens’ Climate Europe; Margaret Klein Salamon of The Climate Mobilization; Khadija Khokhar of Zero Hour DC; Orsola de Castro of Fashion Revolution and Yanna Badet of Climate Reality Project

Academics include: –

• Dr. Karen Ford (Ph.D) of College of Charleston; Prof Will Steffen of the Australian National University; Benjamin Santer of Lawrence Livermore Laboratories and Professor Lesley Hughes of Macquarie University.


Medveten Konsumtion (The Swedish Association for Responsible Consumption), We Don’t Have Time, Afrigod.

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