Kiruku Nganga

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Kiruku Nganga is a young film maker with a passion in the African film making business. He owns Butterfly Creations Ke that is a growing film company aimed at producing films in an African perspective. He is a member of Jambowood Film Producers Association, one of the biggest revolutions in the Kenyan film industry in the making.

He is also a member of LOLA Kenya Screen film forum, a forum for east African film makers to screen their films for critiquing and constructive discussion by film practitioners from all spheres of film business.

He is an actor, a cameraman, an editor and a producer. Kiruku Nganga has edited short films such as , “Too Late”, shot for 72hrs film series, “My dream” shot for Machakosfest film festival“Anybody home?”, and “the last option” that were shot for YouTube.

Kiruku Is currently in the making of the most anticipated African pace setter film “Afrigod” that is under development set to hit theaters in later in 2019 as a Camera person and an editor.

Kiruku Nganga also has a passion in Music video production with a list of great songs produced and edited by him available on YouTube and mainstream media.