Miguel Ugochukwu Peters

Miguel Ugochukwu Peters is a Nigerian creative film maker, environmentalist, tech expert and a certified young African Leader (trained and certified by the united states government).

He has worked with so many great individuals and firms in other to improve his society and societies across the globe.

As a film maker, Miguel has worked with film production teams on numerous projects in other to improve the African film industry.

He has also taken professional film training classes as a director, from Nollywood and Hollywood creative film artists. He is also a member of CinemadaMare (an international film community in Italy that host film makers from across the globe).

Miguel is also a film and tech coach who has taught a lot of film makers the importance of  film making using advance film technology to enhance content performance and productive consumption.

He sees this as an opportunity for Africa and has constantly discussed the importance of technology in film making on a number of film occasions and festivals.

Due to his incredible creative skills and, he has worked with film makers from over 20 countries across the world as an instructor, coach, producer and director on film projects.

His vast knowledge and skills on creative film making has giving him the position in film festivals as a film judge in West Africa and recently East Africa.

He has also worked on a few film research project with film makers from Europe, United States and the Middle East in other to improve the consumption of African content across the globe.

His positive and creative filming concepts has initiated platforms such as YSN Media and The Afrigod Community where film makers collaborate on how to create more professional filming techniques and push more of African content to the world. He is a strong visionary who as won a couple of awards on creative social projects.


Miguel Ugochukwu Peters is the founder and director of Afrigod, an initiative that aims to improve African content, culture and economy.

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